1) Tree Removal:

Dedicated to keeping the plant in the landscape for as long as possible, dismantling a tree is always the last resort at Western Tree Care. That being said, tree removal can range from simple to highly technical. Western Tree care has the capabilities to remove any tree on your property with safe cost effective techniques. Whether using our crane, hand climbing, or technical rigging, trees are removed safely in order to protect your property.

2) Tree Pruning:

Pruning a tree can be one of the best and worst things an arborist can do for a tree. Much like a double edge sword it can either help or hurt. Factors such as where, when, how and why are all taken into consideration. Tree pruning in Wyoming is performed to protect trees, people and property. Western Tree Cares certified arborists can provide for all your tree and shrub care needs while maintaining industry standards. Maintaining health, reducing risk of failure, providing clearance, reducing shade and wind resistance, influencing flower or fruit production, improving aesthetics and improving a view are all objectives of pruning.

4) Cut n Go:

Advances in technology have not only increased safety in our industry but productivity as well. With the use of our grapple saw, Western Tree care has a piece of equipment dedicated to tree and limb removal. Our cut and go service is exactly what it sounds like. We get the tree on the ground and you keep the wood which can sometimes eliminate the price of tree removal by half.

5) Plant Health Care:

Eradication is not possible, control at a desired threshold however is. Integrated pest management is the combination of control methods used to control pest species when a plant is threatened resulting in economic or aesthetic damage. Overall, maintaining plant health is always the best practice to prevent insect and disease damage. detection and response is critical to control pest and diseases. Call our certified arborist out for a free consultation of your property.

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